The Value of Judo

Judo is an ideal sport for all ages, males or females and is suitable for very many disability groups. Confidence and self-esteem grows as a player progresses through the ranks and the very nature of the grading system ensures that the next goal is always realistic and achievable with effort. The grading system also ensures that regardless of their skill level, all Judo players can actively compete with players of similar ability and hence they have a reasonable chance of emerging victorious.

Judo is much more than a sport; it is also seen to be effective as an educational system in both physical and moral spheres. It serves as a great cardiovascular workout, which improves stamina, general health and overall fitness. Balance, posture, reactions and awareness are also enhanced.

Naturally players are taught in such a manner that they land safely. Great emphasis is placed on mastering the different methods of breakfalling, since this gives players the confidence to participate fully.

Because of the potentially dangerous nature of the sport, strict discipline is essential and great importance is placed on safety, hygiene and etiquette. Safety is controlled by the contest rules, which are constantly updated to exclude harmful actions – this allows Judo to be practised in a spirited manner without undue risk of harm or injury. Hygiene is essential due to the close physical contact between players and Judo etiquette instils respect, modesty, politeness and general social skills on all participants.